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7 Great Gifts for New Mommies

September 20, 2011

Being a new mommy can be overwhelming. Taking care of a newborn is not only exhausting, but can be stressful to a first time mom. She is so unsure of what to do with that tiny bundle that has been entrusted to her and afraid of making mistakes.

Give the new mommy some much need peace of mind with a thoughtful and practical gift just for her. A little bit of pampering with a bit of rest and relaxation is the perfect prescription!

Here are a few gift ideas that are sure to thrill her:

    1. Spa Day – A gift certificate for a day of pampering will make her feel brand new. It can be as simple as a manicure and pedicure or a full day of pampering. It’s amazing how a little bit of special treatment can make you feel like a million dollars.
    2. Prepared Meals – Put together a few meals that can be frozen and thawed as needed. This little gesture makes a huge difference. Putting together a nutritious meal when you have a new baby can be tough.
    3. Cleaning Service – This is a fantastic gift for new mom. Keeping up with the laundry alone is difficult with a newborn. For someone so small they can make quite a mess. Pay for a cleaning service to come in once or twice in the first month after the baby is born. Or offer your own services to help out doing the laundry, dishes, and general cleaning around the house.
    4. Babysitting – Offer to baby sit a couple of times during the day or weekend. It’s healthy for mommy to get a break from baby. This gives her the opportunity to recharge and feel refreshed.
    5. Run Errands – Offer to grocery shop, walk the dog, go to the dry cleaners, etc. Every little bit of assistance is helpful.
    6. Shopping Spree – Give her a gift certificate to her favorite store so she can buy something especially for herself. There’s nothing like a little bit of shopping to relieve some stress!
    7. Girlfriend Get-Together – Plan a fun-filled day or night with a few close friends. Take the new mom to lunch or dinner and a movie while dad baby sits.

The new mom will really appreciate your thoughtfulness when she receives one of this great gifts for mothers. Giving her the opportunity to relax and pamper herself will give her a much needed break from being a new moms.


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  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes permalink

    These are ABSOLUTELY fantastic gifts for a new mother. This is a great list. And you described well how frightening it is, the little bundle you’ve been entrusted to.

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